Need need help CEATE A PROJECT

I M Btech 1ST Year student I. have only basic knowledge about python but upcoming week I need to submit a project in python .can any one who have a good knowledge help me doing this project
it would be great for my semester result .any Engineering students pls help
my gmail is

Can you at least suggest a topic for your project? You will get loads online. If you suggest a topic I can help with writing the python code.

building a game tht would help a Lott

I could even search it online but every one will do the same copy from online. so I could take a proper help from individual person tht would be more clear and I can even explain it better.

I have created a project and sent it to you on the mail that you have specified. If you decide to use the code, please study the logic of the code, make changes according to your requirements and please try and run the code yourself at least once to get an idea. Please reach out if you require help with anything else.

  • Mrudula

You can make a project that can help school students. some ideas : create an app that contains all formulas of math … suppose student enters : “VOLUME OF SPHERE” your app shows the formula of it.
idea 2: create a calculator but the calculator should contain everything as normal calculator + sin , cos ,tan, cosec, sec, cot type of solutions .
*note : try to make them usable without network