Need of Invoice bill of my Bolt IoT kit order

I had ordered my Boltiot kit 2 years back , i need my invoice bill of my order id #India28588 , the mail received long back is not working, the invoice is not available . what is the way to get the invoice of my order ?

Hey Shivanibalaji, here is what you can do
Log in to the boltiot dashboard and check for the order invoice.
If you cant find it, then better mail the team.

Email requesting the invoice, and we shall share it.

One curious question, what made you look for the invoice two years later?

Got funding from my college to the project which was done with my kit , just to claim it✌

@shivanibalaji104 hey! You can mail the bolt iot support on WEEKDAYS only , or else log in to the bolt dashboard and check if their is an order invoice from the given options. Hope that helps!