Need Replacement of Wifi Module

This is the damaged bolt IoT Wi-Fi module. I would like to get the replacement of this product. The connecting port was not up to the quality measures and removing the cable from it was a hard task as it always looked while removing the poor soldering of the module might break. I didn’t expect because I paid almost Rs2700 for the entire kit including this product. Please replace this product.

Hi @sankhlarupam,

My apology for the inconvenience, I am forwarding this request to our operation team and you will be receiving your replacement within 5-6 workings days.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

Hi @rahul.singh1 sir,
I am not asking for the certificate right now, I am just asking for the replacement of the module so that I could continue learning.

Hi @sankhlarupam,

Sorry for the typo, I edited the answer and already shared your details with the operation team.

hello @rahul.singh1,
im facing the same issue.
The cable is stuck in slot and the slot has been detached from the module.


Take a picture of the module and mail it to, stating your issue.

The response says it will be reviewed on Monday.
Can it be done sooner?


Sorry, that’s not possible. Working days are Monday to Friday.

I am also facing the same problem. first when I powered the boltiot module, the bolt module’s LED doesn’t blink. so I try remove the usb cable from the module but at that time unfortunately the connecting port removed from the module. so I need replacement for this module


Write a mail to requesting for a replacement of the device. Attach images along with as well.