Need support regarding course and material

Email connected robot and

Facebook Connected Robot

Why this two topic are removed from my course

Sir I am trying to contact every member of u

Bolt Arduino, potentiometer, motors, wheels are faulty

Please give me the new kit of this material

This is in the warranty period

Sir I have paid for the course in the month of march now I am having difficulty
I hope for the reply as soon as possible

@dalmiaritwik may I know for which course you have opted for?

Bro I have opted for the course of 7500 Rs in the month of March
which is live on the site now also

Okay, @dalmiaritwik I can see that you have opted for the Inventrom Robotics Workshop Pro course and kit.

I think you can make the email and Facebook-connected robots by integrating the concepts of IoT, API, and Internet controlled robots that you will be studying in the course therefore I suggest you explore that and you might get an idea of how to make either of the above two robots.

In case you have got faulty items in your material kit then you can ask for a replacement by either contacting the support either through mobile or by writing an email to them from the email ID that you have used to buy the course.

Bolt IoT Support contact details:-

I hope this helps with your Query.

Yes I have contacted the team

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