Need to know a little more about the Polynomial Regression function

I’ve recently started learning machine learning and I remembered the Polynomial Regression based prediction function (hypothesis), that I learnt during the training, given below:

I have a few questions regarding its working:

  1. What is the variable t here? Is it the time between two data values collected from the sensors? It is said on the docs that data(t) is a time-dependent function.

  2. Is Polynomial Regression being performed every time we press the ‘Predict’ button or is it using the function generated the first time around?

Basically, I wanted to get an overview of the working of the Polynomial Regression implementation here.
Can someone help me out?

Thank you,

Edit:- I understand the theory behind polynomial regression. I want to know about the practical implementation done here.

go through this link you will get to understand. Hope for the best.

Thank you. I understand the theory behind polynomial regression but I wanted to know about its practical implementation done here.

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for practical implementation
try to watch the whole video.

Hey, let me answer your questions on what i researched and found out.

  1. t is an independent variable. I think it is time in case of ML but when speaking about polynomial regression in general, t can be anything plotted on the X-axis(like temperature, time, etc.). So, it depends on our usage and how we use the equation to analyse a particular factor.
  2. I would think it is performed everytime the ‘predict’ button is pressed, since the equation needs to be executed as a whole. Hence, the computer might not use the function generated from the first time of using polynomial regression.

The above answers are solely my assumptions from what I researched. Kindly excuse my errors.
Have a nice day!!

1)Here t variable is an independent variable. As in the case for Temperature Prediction, independent variable is Time which can take any value regardless of the value of other variable.
Here data(t) is dependent variable whose value depend on the value of t and in the case for Temperature Prediction data(t) is Temperature which is dependent on the time(t).

2)Polynomial Regression is used to build a model using the dataset which can predict the continous values like the value of temperature in our case. Now everytime you press predict button it was give the dataset to the model as an input in the form of an array and then will predict the further values and so on