New bolt module purchase

I would like to purchase 1 more bolt iot module (module alone), for using in a project. Amazon currently does not have stock, so from where can I purchase it now? (after lockdown is over)

@swethatsunil.mec Amazon has the stock but due to lockdown, it is showing currently unavailable. After lockdown again visit amazon to buy.

Hiii @swethatsunil.mec
you can also order from after lockdown.
Hope this information is useful for you :+1:

@akshaykumar.kumar198 thank you, hope they still have stocks after the lockdown

@chetan.kandarkar99 I checked the website already but they sell the whole hardware kit only not the module alone.

@swethatsunil.mec Please checkout for this website: " " . May be in this it is available!!