New ifttt website has no channels option

The new ifttt website doesn’t have the channels option.How to reach the maker channel? And create a recipe of our own?

Any alternatives for posting in fb/twitter on trigger?

Hi @vamsikaza,
You can trigger anything using Bolt Cloud API.
Refer this topic for Facebook: -
Sending automated email:-
Sending SMS : -

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@sciencehead05 and @vamsikaza
if THIS:

  1. Select the Maker Webhooks Recipe
  2. Select the Trigger, Receive a web request.
  3. give an event name as facebook_post.

then THAT:

  1. Select an action service of your choice, twitter, facebook etc.

1.Go to the maker webhooks settings and notice the URL listed there.
2. copy paste the URL in a new window of the browser. You will see the whole documentation of maker webhooks.

NOTE: These two steps are for understanding the requests made. You can copy paste the key into the python script to get started immediately.

The request to the maker webhook must be made using the post request documented. This can be done with the help of a python script. The python script is attached below.

import requests
import time

eventname = "YOUR_IFTTT_EVENT_NAME" 

URL = '' + eventname + '/with/key/' + key
req = = URL)// this command makes the request
print req 

To integrate this script with the bolt cloud you should first obtain data from the bolt cloud. This can be done using Cloud API support bolt provides. There is documentation provided in the API credentials section.


Thanks a ton man!!:grinning:

Hi @sciencehead05 and @vamsikaza, I’m closing the issue assuming your doubts have been well answered.

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