New Wi-Fi set up query

Hey there. So recently I changed my Wi-Fi internet provider. Before switching, my Bolt module was getting connected to my previous Wi-Fi with both blue and green LEDs glowing in stable state.
After switching, the bolt module is not getting connected to my new Wi-Fi even though I tried to do so using the “Add new device” button on the app.

This is the screen that I keep getting after I try to set it up as a new device.
Please tell me a way to connect my module the new Wi-Fi.
Is there a way that I can remove the previous bolt module connection with my phone and set it up all over again?

@amvgadkari Turn off your mobile data from which you are operating bolt app.Turn on WIFI of same phone.Access the Internet from another source ,turn on Hotspot of source and keep this source near to bolt device

So I am accessing internet from another source that is my new WiFi. Still I am unable to connect the bolt device to this new WiFi.
Is there a way where I can unregister my device then register it with my new Wifi?

Try to logout from the Bolt App and then login if it is still not connecting to wifi.

Just remove the device from your phone or click on add new and put in the same details. keep clicking on try again from your above image. I had this issue. it was fixed. just press try again

please turn off your new wifi and turn it on again.Then try to add the device again by selecting add device from the bolt iot app