No device is visible in Bolt iot apk

I am not able to view my device on Bolt apk. When i plug in usb both Blue and Green light is on and stable. But no bolt wifi network is visible on my device wifi page. Please help me to solve this issue ASAP. I want to reset my Bolt iot device to factory mode how to do this. Pls help and also i want to unlink my email id from bolt device .

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@sonapappachan0 hey mate kindly add your device again to the bolt app by clicking add devices which can be found at the app interface

It’s not working. Both Green and Blue light is stable but no device added to the apk

Hi @sonapappachan0,
Have you connected your bolt module to wifi previously?

Yes I have previously connected bolt module to wifi. How to reset bolt module?

I believe by now you have created an account on Next step will be to link the Bolt WiFi Module to the Bolt Cloud. Download the Bolt IoT Mobile App and use the same username and password that you used for creating your Bolt Cloud account to log in to the app.To power on the Bolt WiFi module just plug in the Micro USB Power Adaptor and Blue LED will start blinking showing that it is on.I suggest you try the setup process one more time. Generally, that solves the problem. Please check if your WiFi network has Internet connectivity. You will need a stable, working internet connection for Bolt to connect to your cloud account.

Hi @sonapappachan0,
I have taken this to the team and you’ll soon get an update.

Hi @sonapappachan0 ,

Can you change the wifi password for your home network/hotspot and check if the blue led is blinking? Then follow the setup process again to link your device to your cloud account. Check this video

Also share your device id.

Yes, sometimes phones from oppo brand doesn’t support this module, so kindly check out your phone