No hardware configuration exists for this device type

After doing all necessary steps when i am trying to deply my code it is saying that “No hardware configuration exists for this device type”.

Hello siddhantadutta46,
Could you mention your problem along with a screenshot ?

@siddhantadutta46 Follow the steps given in the link below to create a hardware config for your product.

if you enter your code pins statically i.e you pass digit instead of variable of board just ignore it

I think you haven’t linked your project to the module try it once again to make sure the linking is successful

@siddhantadutta46 Hope you are having fun with your BoltIoT.

so i encountered the same problem in my first project and after spending about 40 mins, i finally was able to solve the problem.

Firstly, setup the configuration as per specified point on Bolt again as shown here

After this, go to the product in your Bolt Cloud account and rename the variable in code and copy the same in code and save it again.

Link the product again with bolt chip and then the page will refresh to devices, here deploy configuration and this time it will be sucessful.

Hope this helps out :slight_smile:

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Facing the same problem, tried the above solution no use…

@gasni19 Check if you followed the instructions in the post above.

I faced the same problem. Make sure in the hardware configuration you have selected all the GPIO pins in which you have connected the sensors even if you don’t have to mention them in the code. It should work after this.

Hello!!! I am facing the same error reportedly even though tried number of times all above solutions. Please someone help me out here.



Can you delete the product and create a new one from scratch? Make sure you save the hardware configurations.

I too cant fix . can someone help. @joshiaman112 Did it work

Check variable name that must be in lower case

Hi @tripathishivakant960,

Please share the screenshot of your product configuration from the Bolt Cloud dashboard.

Hi @rahul.singh1 sir please reset my bolt device
Email id:
Device id:bolt290377

@joshiaman112 @nabothdemetrius
Make sure you’ve given GPIO pins appropriate variable names. Variable names should be lower case and no space between any character. After giving variable name you have to save the hardware configuration. There is save button icon on upper right side of the dashboard. After saving hardware configuration you have to write code and you should give only those variable names in code as output which you’ve written above in hardware configuration and you must have saved both of this.

@siddhantadutta46 Hello peer, i faced the same issue when i did my 1st project , then i realised certain things to ensure perfect connection.
Firstly make sure that the elements are connected to the wifi module and then update the code. also make sure the variable name used in the hardware does not start with a capital letter . These are the small things to take care of. Hope the problem will be solved!

Yes, I tried and overcome my issue. Thank You!!

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