No hardware exist to this device error

I have made all connection as shown in course and also recheck that all the connection are tight… But still when I click on deploy configuration it shows error that no hardware exist

Don’t worry…


Stay cool and relax…
You might just linked your account and then click deploy configuration…

But it is necessary to write a program for your product…

Watch Creating product on cloud video under the topic Building your first IOT sensor project to know more about your problem…

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check out the product section on bout cloud platform
create a product there and you can configure hardware there

click on configure product and check if you’ve assigned your variable to one of the digital pins…you may have deleted that cofiguration by mistake

First, you need to check if your bolt module is receiving supply and is connected to the cloud, as from the picture you have sent it looks like the bolt module is not connected
Follow this link properly You could have made a mistake when connecting it to the cloud. Make sure your cable is working as well as when you connect the bolt module to the cloud a red light and a blue light will appear.
Hope it helps you

Hi @harshgupta2111999,

Please share the screenshot of your cloud dashboard (Home page ) and screenshot of your hardware configuration page. Also check this link

Do let me know in case you need any other information.