No internet on wifi network

i configure my bolt for a particular wifi network having no internet since there is no internet the bolt app is not showing the device. now i want to save another wifi network and password on bolt how to do it?

again add the same device but give the other network you want to give this will update the bolt with new wifi connection.

through the device is registered, press on add device again and add the same device and follow the above instruction.

Hi @jain.reechika
In order to add new wifi network to your module just start from the beginning i.e. add device(bolt android app), the module will check for the hotspot devices and allows you to connect with it.
Hope this will work!!

Go to the bolt app follow the instructions .Click on add device in bolt app and write the id and password also you can add many devices…

In order to connect your Bolt to new WiFi is pretty easy, just turn the connected wifi off manually, then open the Bolt application to make setup.
Once the connected wifi gets turn off, Bolt turn into hotspot for the setting of new connection.

When you turn your wifi off, Bolt will come with blue light blinking slowly. That’s when you start your work.


you can add on by using add devices section on your bolt app