No option to type old and new password in PUTTY

According to the course instruction under the heading VPS( Accessing the Digital Ocean Droplet),there is a screenshot attached where after downloading PUTTY, we log in and there comes a part where we have to type our new, old password and eventually confirm it. But i am not getting any such text in PUTTY. I have attached my screenshot above.

The screenshot provided by sir has also been attached below:

The red marked areas are not shown in my case(screenshot attached on top).So what should i do now? How do i proceed from here?

Hi @TitasChanda,

The digital ocean has changed their login process a little bit. You can use the same password that you had created while creating the droplet. We will be updating this soon in the training content.

Do let me know in case need any other information.

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Thankyou so much!!! :blush:
I just had another doubt, that is, according to my 1st screenshot, am i logged into the server? Or do i have to type/do something else?

@TitasChanda yes you are logged into the server. Just confirm it by running a command say, sudo nano

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@vishalvats2000 Thank you so much!! :blush:

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Mark rahul sir’s post as the solution so that the query can be closed :slight_smile:

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