No projects are working with wifi module

after making the buzzer connection. i tested it ,at first it was working properly then i pressed the on off button at little faster rate after some second the buzzer stopped responding to the signals now not even led is glowing what should do now . i thought there might be some problem in wifi module but it is connecting properly even the lights (green and blue )are stable can anyone help me ?

It might be that you exceeded the rate limit. Try checking from your python code, if that is the case.
Bolt cloud restricts users to a limited number of calls to the cloud. You should wait for at least 10 secs when testing.

yes I pressed it consecutively more time under 10 sec .But it should work after I left it for one hour right? Should I create a new product and then link it ? Because the previous product with which it happen is not working

it is still not working with led or with buzzer but when i connect it with ldr sensor it is working and giving me some value.

thankyou for the help @pankajkumar.p . i resolved my problem since as you told bolt restricts the user i created a new api and linked my product again hence it started working

You should wait for some time as each code take some time to run…You should wait for at least 2 seconds when you press on or off button…Because in the back end of the code running,it take some time as it has to run from beginning…

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Thankyou @mantripriya27 the problem got resolved

yes…Feel free to ask if you have any doubts again…Thank you…!!

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