No Proper Reading

I am getting the same reading on my bolt cloud inspite of different light intensities.

check with the coding part and connections once again.

Change the resistor value to 330 ohms instead of 10k and check it with different light intensity by deploy for each minutes . So you can see the change in value .

@Kirkrodrigues910 The ambient light intensity may already be too strong for the LDR to register a change.
Please try doing the experiment in a darker room.

I was also getting this, but you have to do
firstly check the hardware connection if it is okay
then you have to check your code, may be some error in the code, as i have given the wrong variable name.
After doing all this you should go in darker room or may switch off the light of the room and then collect the data, after this you switch on the lights then collect the data.
Surely you will see the changes in your readings.
You can also torch or mobile flash light for checking your reading, I have used my mobile flash light and also my friends mobiles flash lights , i got every time different reading as flash light intensity of different mobile has different.
So you do it and you will get it.