No Response on Bolt

Hi, I am Vijay Rakesh, I had connected to the my bolt and uploaded a basic led program and after successful upload, I opened bolt home page and clicked on led on button but there is no response on bolt as well as its not showing any value on the web page and the page remaining same. I saved file as index.htm but i am not getting the reason for these behavior. Can any one solve this problem ?

Can you share a screenshot of your code which you uploaded here

From my experience…

Case 1: If you are using a href="…" and your page isn’t redirected when you click on the On/Off button, then it most likely a WiFi connectivity issue.
Case 2: If you are using button onclick="…" and the LED is not responding to On/Off commands, the issue may be with WiFi connectivity or hardware connectivity. Make sure the LED is properly connected and the power supply to the bolt is also properly connected.

These cases apply if there aren’t any other bugs in your code.

i am facing a similar problem…whenever i click the two buttons i created to turn led on and off i see no response…even the output page doesn’t appear.
i cant figure out if there is a problem with the code or there is some other issue.what do i do?

It may happened due to the code. Share the code you used

Share a screenshot of your code here, we shall help you to debug it

After uploading try Restarting your bolt by the command " BOLT_IP_Address/restart ".
It worked in my case.