No submission link for prototype to be submitted for decathlon internship

Hello there, I have completed my artificial intelligence training sometime back, received the problem statement mail for decathlon internship and also finished making a prototype. it has been quite some time and still I haven’t received a submission related link of any kind. Could someone help? I need to complete and get the certificate very soon.

Hi @matthew2010631,

Please share your email id with which you had purchased the training.

Hi @matthew2010631

We will be sharing the link soon.

Hi there! I also have completed the training and made my prototype but haven’t got any link for submission. My email address is :

Hi @anubhavguptacollege @matthew2010631

Apologies for the delay caused from our end, we are working on the setup of the submission link and it will be shared with you by the end of this month.

Sir, i have received the email for submission and have submitted the form asked to be filled.
Can I know approximately by when I can expect the certificate?
I need it very soon for college purposes.

Hi @matthew2010631,

The submission that you have made will be reviewed by the Decathlon Team and you will be a given the certificate only if your project matches to their requirements.
Since we have given the deadline of 30th September to submit the projects, the evaluation will begin only post that date.

Regarding the certificate that you will have to provide for college purpose you can provide them with the Bolt IoT Assured Internship Certificate that you might have received from our end.

Thank You.

I have no lt received the bolt iot certificate yet. Also, what are the approximate chances of my project being accepted by decathlon along with certificate issued?

Is it like majority of us will get the certificates, or they will choose only 1 or 2 out of a 100?

(I just want a rough estimate of the likelyhood of getting that certificate, as the college wanted it preferably issued by an IT company)

  1. If the project is unique and solves a problem for Decathlon, then you can have a 80% chance of getting the certificate from them.

  2. If the project is plagiarised or a re-creation of a project covered as part of your training syllabus, then it will be rejected for sure.

Here are some of the projects built by students after taking the IoT and ML training. These are the kid of projects expected with respect to the difficulty level. However, note that these projects were built for another competition and I am sharing the link to give an idea of the rigour required for the project.

  1. Innovation Challenge 2.0 - Winners
  2. Innovation Challenge 1.0 - Winners

Timeline to get the certificate
We cannot promise any timeline for getting the certificate. The overall goal of Decathlon is to hire students, and a certificate of internship is a small part of it. Also, being a large organisation, such a process will take time. So if there is a specific college timeline, then upon satisfactorily submitting the project, we can issue you a certificate from Bolt IoT for the same project you submit at Decathlon.

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Got it sir. Thank you. You can send the BoltIOT certificate for my temporary use.
In my case, I did make one which has a good use case to them, but also I did use concepts and some parts of code from training.

What to do to recieve the problem statement mail. When do I get it?

Hi @dgajjar1403 You need to accept the terms and conditions via this link: Decathlon Internship terms and conditions to receive the problem statement.

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