Non receipt of certificate with updated score

I have already raised the issue of non receipt of certificate one email. The response email received instructed me to call the number 88811 97198. When dialled the number which was focussed to serve the sales query instructed me to raise the query on the forum.

I strongly recommend for a more efficient grievance redressal mechanism. While the certificate query seems to be generic at the first sight, its a query specific to the user.
I request you to kindly look into the matter.

thanks and regards!

hello udutta1982
please send your query at
i am sure it helps you

Writing to support was the first thing i did. PFA the response below:

Dialled the number as mentioned in the email. the number seemed to entertain only sales calls and an automated voice instructed to raise any issue in the forum.

I raised the issue in the forum.

The forum instructed me to write to support.

Loop continues…

@udutta1982 You should have received your certificate yesterday evening. Can you please check your SPAM folder also?

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