Not able to access the online course

I got the delivery kit for boltiot on 19 march 2020 by COD,but due to failure of my PC I was not able to access the training within the period of 2 days .So, now I’m not able do my training.
Is there any way to fix this problem.

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At the time of ordering you might have asked to give an email id and confirm it. So create an account with same email id.


@varghesesharon423,please check the email ,the mail is sent to you after your kit is being shipped and you are suppose to download the invoice with that email and few steps are given how to access the training.there are two different links given .click on that links .
make sure you create the cloud account with the same email id .i guess this will help you out.

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As you have done COD payment mode you will get access to the training 2 days after the delivery.The access will be provided via mail check for the mail in yor inbox or spam .There will be a link which will be attached to the mail and follow the steps provided.or if you have already got the mail login to the boltiot using the mail id to which you got the confirmation mail or the confirmation mail id you used while ordering.

Check your mail…there is a mail which can direct link to enroll your course!
As your PC became failure you can access course on Chrome browser but 1st make is Desktop version.And one thing you can access
Only the course can’t do the projects.

Try to login with Google Chrome , the instructions we got on mail says supports Google Chrome .
My friend faced same issue and got resolved after using Google Chrome

don’t worry you get email for team of bolt you get email that have access coupon of ur training

Use your registered mail id to access the course. Check the spam mail.