Not able to access training course

I have registered with the same email which I have used buy the course order number: India30737 . When I click on “GO to course”.

It redirect me to where it say “The coupon code you entered is expired or invalid, but the course is still available!“ . I click on “Enroll in training” . It ask for payment of 130 $ .

It redirect me to teachable section.

As per video, it should redirect me to registration page.

Please help me

I am not able to access my course/training. Please help me out.

please check whether you have used same email id as for registration or not, else mail to them regarding this .


In case you have done what @bhoomikamewada has told you and if the email is correct, please check your internet connections, especially if you are using a network dependent of mobile network. If all is great, lose the tab and start the whole process again.

@kaminisober you’ve also mentioned about the course order code not working. I think you should cross verify the code with the email sent to this email. Or the code must have expired, I don’t know if it is a refundable program, but if it is, check if you habe been refunded and try applying again.

I hope this helped you.

@kaminisober hey make sure you clear your browser cache and cookies and then proceed further as told above.

You should go to your mail account and open the mail when you received by boltiot and the click on the training access via boltiot and go ahead your course which you are enrolled
Pawan Vishwakarma

You must login again with your correct email id .

Hi there,
If you have registered and bought course from boltiot then please wait for the kit to arrive. Along with the kit you will get an access card through which you’ll be able to access your training. Your kit will be delivered to you within a week of ordering. Don’t worry that your course is for limited time and it will get expired. The course is not available only for limited period. BoltIot platform provides course for life long period. Whenever you want to start whenever you want finish it’s upon you. Hope your issue is solved.

Hi there,
First, Go to BOLTIOT training site, if you registerrd using Google Account, then directly Login using Google Account. If you have used email_ID and Password then Login using your mail_ID and Password.
Now, you can easily access the training course.

Hi @kaminisober,

  1. Visit and logout from the previous account.
  2. Now click on Login -> Login in with myTeachable account.
  3. Now enter your email id and password.
  4. You will be able to access the training content.

Why am I asking you to use Login in with myTeachable ?
Because you have created two account on with your same email id. One is with School and one is with Teachable account.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.