Not able to access training on iot and ml

I was offered the course on iot and ml for the kit. But not able to access the course and i was asked pay the amount. If this is the case pls refund my amount.

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Did you receive the kit yet?.. If you have received then you have to wait for atleast 2 working days for the updation of your status

Hi, I am also not able to access the training. It has been two days since I recieved the kit but the access code has not made available yet.
Should I wait for some more time or get an refund?
Please help.

check the product tracking webpage wether the payment status of your kit is showing paid or not once it is updated go through the following link below and get registered with mail id you already accessed.
if not wait for the status update it may take some time,but go through the link once

Hi Boltiot,

I am enrolling now but it is showing when i will pay $130 after then i can access the training. Why?

Please resolve this issue, i have already purchased training kit.

I am also facing the same issue. While purchasing the kit, it was shown that training access for free. But now, after purchasing the kit, I am unable to access the training and my page is diplaying to pay the amount to access training. If I need to pay the amount for training please refund the amount or give any solution about this.

Hi @Sshashank0743 & @meghanadharani114, You will receive the coupon code through the email from bolt iot, you have to add the coupon and the training will be free. If you have not received any email regarding coupon than mail at with the kit photo that you have received. They will mail you the coupon code.

Not working that code.

Hi @hafsaKharbe, When I purchased the kit, I got few links to access but didn’t get any coupon code. I will mail my kit details at Please share a coupon code to me.

Hi @Sshashank0743, that code is for buying the kit after you receive a kit then within 2 days they sent you email with the details to access training and the coupon code for training.

Hi @Sshashank0743 & @meghanadharani114, refer the photo below this type of email you have received. Check your spam folder

Hi @hafsaKharbe,

I have checked my spam folder as well but didn’t receive any such type of mail in which coupon code available.

Then kindly mail them,

Hi @hafsaKharbe,
I checked my Spam folder. Didn’t receive any mail regarding code except one discount coupon code. I tried by entering that code but showing as Invalid Coupon.

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I am facing the same problem, it’s been 3 to 4 days since i have got my training kit but i haven’t got my code to access the training, please tell me what should i do ?

When you mail them at They will response you with the code. Kindly attached the photo of your kit

you are open your send mail and copy coupan id and pest this add coupan and start training

Thanks to all Boltiot support team. Now i have received accessible link.