Not able to change wifi in Bolt Iot

How do I reset the Bolt Iot device? I want to change the wifi to which my Bolt Iot device is connected. I am not able to do so. Please help me.

If you want to change the wifi then you have to repeat the setup again.
Here you can find all the steps for the setup process in detail:

Dear @sarbanandataw5740 please install a blotIoT app from playstore and power on your bolt WiFi module,make sure that blue light blinks slowly,click at add a device from the app, and once connected, the blue light links faster, type the wifi network you want to choose, type the password of your new wifi network, when the wifi is connected successfully, it indicates with a green light in the boltIot WiFi module .

I also wanted to change the wifi to which my bolt device was connected so in order to this it might take a while
Take a look at the following steps to be done:

  1. on your BOLT cloud in Devices there is an option to SHARE YOUR DEVICE, click on it and then click on the X in order to remove the device setup

  2. after this go to your bolt app and start the process of setting up again like you did before

  3. Now do make sure that you are connected to your desired Wifi

  4. a word of precaution that you need to be patient while setting up because for me it used to show not able to connect and other stuff but after repeating the steps again and again (after 15-20 times) i was able to connect my bolt to my desired wifi

hope this helps

It is simple to change the wifi.Generally while your are using the Bolt app, it ask you to setup the BOLT wifi module.Now this time do the same process as you did in early.But now when it comes to choose your wifi,now click on the wifi you want to connect.Thats it!

hello sarbanandataw5740, i reset my wifi almost everytime i use my bolt IoT device … so dont worry its very simple and you’ll get it in no time…this is my own finding so i hope this might help you…firstly change the password of the wifi or hotspot you were using earlier so by doing this the bolt device will not connect to it automatically…the connect the bold device by any power supplyyou prefer (in my case laptop)…the device will not connect to any wifi at this time…move forward by setting up the device again and this time choose the changed wifi you wanted to use for your device…

Hey friend,
Its easy, Inorder to reconnect your boltiot module to a different wifi router or mobile hotspot. First turn ON your device and make sure it has both green and blue light stable. Login to your BOLT CLOUD account , select the device option where you can see your Boltiot module details. In that select the 3 dot menu where you can see device info. Select that and there you will see the wifi network which the module is connected to and there is a DISCONNECT option given.

DISCONNECT it. Now your device is disconnected from the wifi network. Now do the entire process you did first inorder to connect to the network.

I hope this helps

@sarbanandataw5740 If you have an android Bolt IOT app then first disconnect the device linked to it then follow the steps again as shown on the screen to connect again.After that type your Wifi password to which you want that device to connected and just follow the steps.Your device would be connected to the desired wifi connection.