Not able to check the status on BOLT PYTHON LIBRARY


can you explain a little more clearly as to what the problem is.

First check your ‘response’ spelling and then you have to import the bolt library and then
Write your API key and device name. Code is given bellow:Capture
If you had not install bolt library then install it first.

there is a spelling mistake you have written reponse but while passing that in print statement you have used print (response). so rectify the mistake and your problem will be solved.

spelling of response is wrong on third line you have written it reponse and in print statement response so try it again by making it correct and by importing bolt libraries

In the 3 rd line you gave the name as “reponse” and in the 4 th line the print you put as “response” so correct it you will get output and you can give any other name also but it should same when printing and giving the values as you did in the 3 rd line.

it works also.