Not able to connect my bolt device

Hello i am not able to connect my bolt with my phone
both the lights are on

Hi there,
Try to reset the wifi module…
To reset we need to disconnect the wifi of wifi module.

  • It can be done by turning off your wifi and connecting the wifi module to other wifi.
  • or else if your’re willing to connect to the current wifi only then changing wifi password which is connected to the module wiil reset to its intial state.

There by you can restart the process of connecting module to cloud using android application …If this works please mark it as solution or else ping me the further problem.
Thank you.

i tried both ways its not working

Hi there,
Changing your wifi password resets the wifi module to initial stage as I had faced same issue during my setup process…could please provide me the condition of device when your wifi password changed which was connected to wifi module.Thank you

Try restarting the module or your phone. This is mainly a connections issue, so make sure you’re connected to the Bolt WiFi network. And don’t worry, this issue does sometimes arise the first couple of times, but eventually the devices recognize each other much faster. If none of this works, try using a different phone.

Hi @tanmayarvind1021,

Please refer this video

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

Thank you it connected