Not able to connect to mobile Bolt iot app

i am not able to connect to the mobile app

according to the screenshot above its showing that no device is available. i have tried all the methods mentioned in page. then too it’s not detecting the wifi module.

Please help me Asap
Thanking you inanticipation

If this is happening, then there is probably something wrong with your micro USB cable. First, try to replace the cable and see if your wifi module is connected properly. If it is, then try once again to connect it. If it still doesn’t work, then try to reinstall the app. Another problem that might be occurring is that your wifi connectivity is not good enough. Hope this helps

Kindly check whether your micro USB cable is in good condition or not. Next make sure you have logged in to the correct cloud email id and password. After that there will be an option to connect to bolt user id. After that you should connect to your home wifi which is available and enter the password. It will be connected and a green light will appear.
Hope it helps.

#On the first phone install the Bolt IoT Setup app.
#On the second phone create a WiFi hotspot.
#Open Bolt IoT app in the first phone and log in with your login credentials
#Click on Add Device button and follow the onscreen instructions till you reach the screen to select WiFi network.
#Select the WiFi network you have created in step 2 on the second phone and enter the password for the network and click “CONNECT” button.
#Once you click connect the Bolt will restart and connect to WiFi network created on the second phone. If it connects successfully then the Blue LED will stop blinking and become stable. This might take a few seconds so please wait.
#While the Bolt restarts, you can proceed with the setup process in the app on the first phone to link the Bolt to your cloud account and complete the process.
#If the Blue LED is still blinking then the Bolt might not have been able to connect to the WiFi network due to an incorrect password. Please repeat the above steps in such a scenario
#If it is not connecting to the wifi, then re install the app and try once again
#Blue LED - blinking slowly means it is transmitting its hotspot and is ready for the setup
- blinking fast means device is connected

  1. switch on the wifi and mobile data and personal hotspot should be closed.
    2.after handshaking between bolt device and and bolt iot mobile app, connect your mobile to another wifi network with proper internet connection.
    3.if you want to use your your phone’s hotspot then select the given there(but initially you have to set up with wifi keeping hotspot and mobile data closed, then later it will ask to switch on the hotspot and mobile data and fill the credentials.

follow these steps. if it still not working feel free to writrback.

First of all , try by restarting the device.
if that fails , you will notice that the hotspot of bolt module is encrypted.
hence, connect to the hotspot by using the password: bolt1234
then , when the blue led is blinking at a slow speed, click try again button as described in your screenshot and then try to manually connect the wifi with the bolt hotspot. After several attempts , once if it is proper , you will connect the module with the app.

----->First of all , try by restarting the device.
----->Click on Add Device button and follow the onscreen instructions till you reach the screen to select WiFi network.
—> Select the wifi in the above step(Make.sure u have a stable and fast wifi connection)…
—> If it does not.connect restart the module and then.repeat tje above process.
---->So on clicking the Bolt module will connect to the wifi.module
and the Blue Led Light becomes stable.
----->if the Blue led light is blinking slowly or fastly it is being setup by its hotspot or device is connected respectively.

Hii… I’m able to connect bolt to my phone… But as soon i connect… The app shuts back and takes me previous page… Then it’s saying not connected… But bolt is showing green light… Please help me