Not able to connect

I am using the version 2 of bolt model. I have tried connecting bolt using two mobiles, it doesnt connect to the second mobile. I want to connect my bolt to one single phone. Can you tell me the steps and also the reason why it isn’t connecting to the other mobile?


Hi @sejalgandhi219
You can connect to single phone and operate through that but for that you need to have a wifi hotspot connected to your phone in 2.7GHz. If you don’t have the extra wifi hotspot then you have to create an hotspot from another phone with active Internet and connect your main phone to that hotspot.

Hi @sejalgandhi219.
I will try to help you out with your connection problem at the same time explaining the reason why you are unable to connect with another mobile. Just be patient and read the complete content.

  1. First you will have to install the Bolt Iot app from the Google Play store.

  2. Power on your Bolt wifi module .

  3. I hope you are clear with the color led indicators .
    4)Blue led indicates the status of wifi connection
    while Green led indicates the status of BoltCloud connection.
    5)Once powered on…blue led starts blinking slowly.
    6)Now switch on the wifi of the smart phone in which Bolt IoT app has been installed.
    7)You will find that your device has identified the Bolt wifi module .Next step is quite clear- Connect with it.
    8)Now follow the instructions given in the Android app.

  4. Now the Bolt wifi module is connected with your phone.
    10)Now you have to connect it with the Bolt Cloud.

  5. Connect your Present Smart Phone with the second one’s hotspot.
    12)Now the Bolt wifi module is online and connected to cloud.
    13)Now you can disconnect the hotspot of first phone with the second one.
    14)But don’t switch off the hotspot connection of the second phone as it could disconnect the Bokt Wifi Module.
    15)The ideal Led Indicator state for on online and cloud connected Bolt wifi module should be stable blue and green led .

An important disclaimer the hotspot of the second phone should be password protected.

Since Bolt wifi module don’t have keys or any means by which they can connect to available wifi networks so the Phone with the Android app serves as the medium to connect the Bolt wifi module with available wifi network .Hence you will be unable to connect the same using other smartphones as your Bolt wifi module cannot recognize the newly available networks if any without the phone having installed Bolt IoT app & connected to the Bolt module.

I hope this answer helps.


let took it simple, you connect your bolt wifi module with your 1st mobie phone
and then connect internet via another mobile phone using its hotspot or else if u have wifi connection at your work place or at home then there is no need of 2nd mobile pone .

First uninstall the boltiot app and reinstall the app it may work