Not able to deploy configuration

The “Devices” section in my dashboard on my bolt cloud account is not showing properly as it is shown in the lecture video i.e., it’s showing that there is one Hardware Module but in the larger screen it’s completely blank due to which I am unable to click on “Deploy configuration” …
what should I do ?
I have tried everything including re-adding wifi module, signing-out and logging-in again, even I had checked that I had signed in through the same email id (i.e., google sign-in) in the bolt iot mobile app as well as the bolt cloud account
But still facing the same display error

Share the screenshot for better understanding of your problem

Hi @subhendudas6999,

Which web browser are you using, and what version is the web browser?
Also are you doing this via a mobile phone or a computer?

The Bolt Cloud dashboard works best on the latest versions of google chrome, mozilla firefox and safari browsers.
Also, the Cloud works properly if you are accessing it via a computer not a smartphone.

Try to zoom out in your web browser or use google chrome web browser .
Do not open this website in your mobile phone .

I think it’s the issue with the web browser.Try opening the same on different browser or if possible on different device.

Just change the browser… However recommended one is Google chrome. And make sure your WiFi module gives out a stable green led so that ur internet is also connected. now check it deploying configuration.

thanks all for suggestion … I am windows 10 with it’s Microsoft edge as the default web browser