Not able to find IP address of the BOLT

I am not able to find the IP address of the BOLT thru advanced IP scanner. But found it out by some other way somehow. But still that IP address is not working and no webpage like developer and settings is opening. Even welcome.htm is not coming.
What should I do?

You can find ip address using Fing App. Once update your bolt SD card files using given link below

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You can use advance IP scanner or there are many apps on the android play store that can help you find the IP address of your bolt

I tried uploading files but still didnt find difference i m able to operate bolt from netplug by only welcome page, but not detecting ipaddress.

Configure your wifi from the welcome page of the netplug App. If it is connected to the wifi then connect your mobile to same wifi and find IP address using Fing App. Once bolt is connected to the wifi then only you will be able to find IP address of bolt.

my bolt is connected to wifi but still im not able to recognize its ip adress

it was working once i started the course but now it shows that it isnt isnt recognizing the ip on laptop also

@nikshithvarma Can you make a small video of your Bolt Setup and IP finding process.
You said that you are able to control from Netplug APP, Just Switch off the Wi-FI of your mobile during control from Netplug and click on the device icon again. You will find the IP Address of Bolt with some error code.


The IP’s are dynamically assigned and each time the router is restarted the IP address of the bolt will change , also not the IP’s for devices are leased for a limited time interval , when this period ends a new IP may also be assigned to a device. Hence the IP may not be the one you had found earlier and are trying to use.

In which case please download an APP named “Fing” on your android mobile phone and make sure that the phone is connected to a same WiFi network as the Bolt.

Once the App is installed scan the network using the App and once you it displays the IP’s your Bolt Ip will be listed with a manufacturer name as Espressif.