Not able to find the course access code to answer the Bolt IoT certification test

I can’t understand which is the code to be used for the exams, what is the format does it start with #India----
or something like FREER______
EDIT: The code to be entered is the first code that was given to enroll into the course!
The issue on this topic has been solved.

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Nope… I dont think so… This wasn’t a sarcastic reply I guess or was it?

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To be able to access to exam you will need to enter your ‘Course access code’.

What is ‘Course access code’?:

I forgot my ‘Course access code’ or delete it then how can I get it again?

Excuse me sir, but by course access code do you mean the http link after reaching your training course page???


The course access code is visible to the left of “Go to course” button after you visit

is it your order ID? there is course access code at the side of ‘go to course’ but thats only in letters that ‘access is given’ nothing else. there is no code there.

As you can see, there’s no code here for me

We have updated your code. You can revisit the same page to find it.

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Thanks for helping me out. I’ll try once again and let you know.