Not able to get the desired output for project 11

I have understood all the concepts that were taught in project 11,did the connections accurately,typed the code without any error,still it wasn’t showing the desired output.Here is the screenshot for the same

Kindly mention At which stage did I commit the mistake

@yashrajsingha125 As I can see from the above screenshot, the error clearly mentions that the chat id for your telegram channel is incorrect. I request you to put the correct chat id in file.

Make sure the chat id starts with @. You can find the chat id in the permalink of your telegram channel.

In this case the chat id would be @temperature_alert and the config file will look like as shown below

bolt_api_key = "XXXX"                 # This is your Bolt Cloud API Key
device_id = "XXXX"                    # This is the device ID and will be similar to BOLTXXXX where XXXX is some numbers
telegram_chat_id = "@temperature_alert"            # This is the channel ID of the created Telegram channel. Paste after @ symbol.
telegram_bot_id = "botXXXX"           # This is the bot ID of the created Telegram Bot. Paste after bot text.
threshold = 250                       # Threshold beyond which the alert should be sent

If you are still facing any problem , try making another new bot. I faced some issues but i removed the old bot and created a new one, and it started working fine

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