Not able to give exam

Your entry did not match. That error displaying


Did you enter the course access code present in your Bolt Cloud page?

Obviously I entered.


Please share your Email ID registered with Bolt IoT. We shall look into your issue.

@sonishravik6 Your access code has been added manually. You should now be able to access the exam. Do try this and let us know.

Yeah I can access now thanks.

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Hello, I am facing the same issue. My email address is :

Contact aswin.salogar

Do you know where I can reach him?

Post new query using your acc, mention Bolt setup . Also attached your Iā€™d of exam ā€¦

@omkarsathe22 We have answered your query on a different thread. Please refer to Having issues logging into exam website - #3 by shobhit.kumawat

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