Not able to link the WiFi module

I am not able to link the device.

Have you linked the product to the bolt device?
Recheck it if not linked, link it and then try again. If this isn’t the case there might be a problem with your Wi-fi or with the code.

What product? I followed all the steps and i connected my WiFi and i also tried to connect the WiFi BOLT3848202 with password bolt1234. But then still i am being offline, i am not getting green circle next to my that id

Product is the code that you have written. After writing that save it and link to the your Bolt device.

Sharmila.gauri , you want to follow the particular rules related to Bolt.

I’ll give you some instructions that how to overcome the WiFi Module problem , please follow me

Step - 1 :First apply the voltage to the Bolt Hardware , means connect the Device to Adapter or charger not to the USB of your laptop and open your mobile , click on the Add Device Option.

Step - 2:-Scroll the options and touch on Ready Option.

Step -3:-Switch on your WiFi option in your mobile,before doing it switch of your Mobile Data connection,after that automatically the Bolt id will appear , come closer to your mobile with Bolt device for Faster Connection.

Step -4:-The Bolt WiFi will connect,and then click on the button Add network via Hotspot .

Step -5:-
Note::-Type whatever **Hotspot**and Password you have in your mobile.

Step 6:-Click on the Button.

definitely The GREEN LED will glow.

Manasa Jagannadan

I think your mobile data is on. I had faced the same problem too. So turn off mobile data, connect to bolt hotspot and then connect to WiFi through router or hotspot from another Mobile.
Hope this will help

Yeah,It is an another option to connect with WiFi.

what code should we have to write?

It is the code that you write to visualize the data from the sensor.

First you should turn on your wifi module.Download the app in your phone. Verify it. Select th wifi connection you want to. Then blue and green light glows in your wifi module.