Not able to log in app using google redirection

I was doing setup process , but not able to complete cloud setup process . So when I tried to do it again , I wasn’t able to do it . Please help me .

Close your application and open it. If it shows like this

open the bolt cloud in any browser with the desktop mode in mobile phone or in a pc or laptop. Then login into the bolt cloud by using your credentials and check that your device is registered or not. Once the device is registered then you are good to go and no need to bother about the problem. If the device is not registered, you can uninstall and install it again in mobile and start the setup process again.

I tried that too , but same problem is occuring . When I entered my credentials , it is redirecting me to google login and then same error is occuring .


Is your bolt module is registered in the cloud

Yes .
For my query , I again choose add device option . Then I was able to do process . But every time I had to this process to connect my module .

Hi @kulkarnipiyush12,

What is the status of your green and Blue led? it green led on? As I can see your Bolt device is already linked to your account. Now you have to just connect your Bolt device to your home wifi network.

Click on the add device and try to connect your Bolt device to a different network and check if it is working.

Hai @kulkarnipiyush12
This error is occurred due to security reasons of the Google Account on Apps. I too faced the same problem and got it solved .
Solution to this problem is very simple but you have to register through a new gmail account .
Kindly refer this image for a better understanding of the solution :point_down:!!!

Hope this helps solve your problem :blush:

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Thank you for help .

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Yes sir, it worked . But every time I have to do same . Is there any other solution to this .
Thank you for help .

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Hi @kulkarnipiyush12,

We are working on this and we will fix it by end of this week and you will not require to do such steps to view the control page.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

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Hi @kulkarnipiyush12,

Update: This issue was fixed last week.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.