Not able to login in project submission site

It takes me to bolt cloud homepage not to project site submission.
Let me explain you once again in the last training module it’s given how you need to submit the project by creating a blog on bolt specific site and it has the link of that same site when clicked on it , it takes me to a new web page where it asked to enter username and password I typed the same username which I generally used for login to bolt cloud but it says wrong.

I uploaded the two images which shows unhandled when I first open then after entering the details it shows unknown email address

Click on “Visit this Link” from my response. It will redirect you to the Project Dashboard if you are logged in to your Bolt Cloud.

Project Dashboard and Bolt Dashboard are different.

You don’t need to enter any email or password to use the project site.

It takes me to this page . Please tell where to submit the final project to get training completion certificate?

Does the above “Visit this link” redirects you to the Bolt Cloud, the image you sent?

I am able to see your clicks were on the link, and not “Visit this link”.

Yes sir this takes me to above screen shot page

And the specific word visit link takes me to this page please go through the screen shot

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Great. That’s what I was asking you to check.

Visit > Step 1 > Point no. 5

If you click in that link you’ll be redirected to your project dashboard.

Sir I did as per your guidance again the same problem first it shows basic guidelines that how you need to submit then click here is option to visit that page as in point 5 which you said . I clicked then it takes me to log in page which already shows unhandled error . I entered the details username and password it shows unknown email address


Great. Thanks for the response. This could be an issue connected to the Google OAuth, I’ll inform the team to look into the issue.

Meanwhile, you can start draft your project documentation on MS Word or Google Docs. We’ll inform once it is updated.

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thank you sir for your all efforts

@alim44592 click on login with discourse. It works for me like that. It will also work for you. Try it once :+1:

I tried , it didn’t work

Still, I’m not able to log in to the project submission site. It is showing “Unhandled error”.

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There is some issue with websites you can creat a doc file using google documentation and please mention all details of your project after completing the documentation you can share the link of doc file while giving the certificate exam and please remember that you mark the link as public so that examiner can view it .

What if I use to post and submit the project?
They are saying it’s invalid.


Make sure you are logged in on, and follow the below instructions.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the link in Step 1 > Point no. 5.

You’ll be logged in to the Project Dashboard.

Let me know if you have any other queries.


We never had an issue with the Project Site. We had a hinderance with Google Log-in, which has been reolved already. You can look at the update in the post - Important update regarding issues with Google login on Bolt Cloud and quizzes in the training content - #3 by akshayan.sinha


No, in any case when you are not able to use the project portal due to server issue or log-in issue. It is recommended to use the method suggested by @alim44592 . That is, creating a documentation on a word/pdf file and upload it to the google drive. And share the PUBLIC link of the submission during certification.

You can take reference from for your examples. And ofcourse go through the steps mentioned in

Let me know if you have any other queries

I have tried it, but it still shows “unhandled error”.


I believe you are signed into the Bolt Cloud with your email ID, and not with Google-SignIn.

We are looking into this and will update you soon. Till then you can start drafting the documentation in a word file, and once the log-in issue is resolved, you can move your content to the project portal.