Not able to receive the message from telegram

i am have problem not able to received the message from telegram.
error code: 400.

the chat id screenshoot:

the code:

please provide me the solution.

@abishkarsingh17 Never disclose your Bolt API Key and Device ID.

In “” , the “telegram_chat_id” is the link of the Channel (not the Bot) starting with @ …

Ex.: If this is my Channel link - ; Then, the “telegram_chat_id” will be “@temperature_alert_xtr01”.

Hope this helps!

no, i am not clear what you say above. I have given you all the details can you give the example of my problem.

“telegram_chat_id” is the name of the channel(or group as called in whatsapp) to which you have added your bot…
Whereas, you have given the bot usersame as telegram_chat_id…in
Refer Ex. in my previous reply to make the correction…

I also have the case of not getting emails from telegram, whatsapp gb and redit


What is the issue that you are facing? Can you share relevant screenshots?