Not able to see the device after setup

I have followed the steps to connect the Bolt device to my Phone.
after connecting to my wifi, I am not able to see my device in my cloud account neither I am able to connect it through the bolt app.

Hi @aditya.gaonkar46

Make sure that you had connected with your mobile with the Wi-Fi as same as the device connectivity. If you cannot see it, then reset your device and try again.

Hi aditya,
Don’t worry , i have faced same issue .But when i did the first project of plant monitoring , i got the data and everything went well . Before you on the device just try to reset and follow the procedure , it will go well,if not uninstall the app and then install and start setting up again.Hope it works.

first connect the bolt device to your laptop then switch on your mobile Wifi and connect to your bolt device hotspot. Open boltiot app in your mobile and select the hotspot to which your bolt device should connect every time.

i think you did not connect the device proporly, please check it once.
Thank you.

Try switching off wifi then start the module and then turn on the wifi most of times this works .
If it does not work try to connect module from starting