Not able to setup BOLT Wifi module with my phone

I am not getting how to set up my Bolt Wifi module with my phone. It is asking for some kind of password. But recently I have unpacked my Bolt and connect to my laptop. And also earlier I have not entered any password to setup Bolt with that of the app. Can anyone please provide me some solution regarding this issue?

Hi @umaprasaddas1999, these steps might help you:
1.Power up your bolt iot module and a blue colored light would blink very slowly.
2. Then open your mobile phone and connect to the network released by the bolt module. It would be something like BOLTXXXX (XXXX is a unique number of your device)
3. Once it is conneted, the blue lighht will blink faster.
4. Open the bolt app which is available on play store and app store as well.
5. Over there, click on add a device and add you wifi module.
6. Then connect it with your home wifi.
7. If everything is done and a green and blue light apear and are stable on the device, it means your device is properly connected to your phone.

Do let me know if this helps!

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The password it is asking is of the hotspot you have used to connect the bolt wifi modulue, enter the same password and you are good to go!