Not able to setup the wifi module on iphone

I was setting up Bolt wifi module on iphone. As per your steps i continued like downloading the app from app store. Then signing in with my bolt account, Then Add Device> Then i powered on the wifi module> Then led started to blink> Then copied the password> Then connected to Bolt network in wifi settings> Then led started blinking faster> Then continue> Ready> Then its asking for SSID/Network name and password !. For this what should i enter. See i dont belong to any Computer science or Electronics sector. So Help me. Thank you

The thing actually is that you need to have a separate wifi connectivity to connect your bolt iot module. I can help you but do you have a laptop. If you do, you can, tether your cellphone to the laptop and activate the hotspot of laptop to which you will be able to connect the wifi module.

I think that you are stuck in the step where you are asked for entering SSID/Network name

In this step you can simply add any of your Wifi name/mobile hotspot, along with the password of the same.

Remember you need the same SSID/Wifi Name existing to reconnect with the device later. So, please don’t change the password/SSID/Wifi Name of the same.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for the help. I got that step. But after that i disconnected the wifi hotspot and the module also. I restarted them but in the Bolt cloud it is showing Red colour (offline) only. What should i do ?