Not able to take the certification test

I’ve completed the course and I’ve been trying to take the certification test for a day now. But even after entering my COURSE ACCESS CODE correctly several times, the message pops up saying please try again your entry didn’t match.

Hiii… @swapniljha777, please enter the course access code very carefully in one by one character.

Already did that, typed each and every character very carefully and then checked 2 times atleast and then submitted. Then also it’s not allowing me to take the test. I even copied and pasted the code but that didn’t work too.

first check your internet connection then enter the link or refresh the link…
or check the internet proxy…sometimes it shows network connected but not show because of proxy issues.
try it may help you.

You may contact Bolt officials in Whatsapp. Their number is given in the confirmation mail that you got after registration.


Just to make sure, you should be entering the course access code that is listed on

Copy the entire code and paste it, do not type it manually. Do revert back if you are still not able to get through.

I tried pasting the code as is it as well but it didn’t work. As I received your response, I tried it again but to no avail.

Can you share the link of the test and also the screenshot of the error that you are getting?

link of the test:

Its been almost a week. I hope you got the link and screenshots. Can I get to know what exactly is the problem here ?