Not able to view device on laptop even after both the blue and green lights are stable and device is connected to phone

I am not able to view my device on the pc .Both the green and blue lights are stable and my phone also shows the green dot which means it is connected…but I am still not able to view it on my laptop…
I have tried reconnecting also…If there is a problem with the device please tell me how to go about the replacing…expecting an early reply…

login in to the bolt cloud and add your device name on product

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This generally happens if you have logged in to cloud dashboard with a different email id than the one which you used to login into Bolt mobile app.

Please make sure that you are using the same email id that you used on mobile while setting up the device.

If you are still not able to view the device, consider using a different browser or update the browser to the latest version.

I am using the same account
And I tried it with two broswers… Thy are of the latest version


Probably you might wanna try something like this:

yeah exactly that is what is happening

Click on the link given above by @kousic17 you will find all your answers in that link

I tried connecting it according to the instructions many times… Please do not keep giving the replies which are not relevant to my question
I have clearly mentioned… It is connected but not been visible on the laptop… Give me a solution to this problem… Mostly the module is defective… Please help me fast as I want to complete my training

I am not receiving any solution from the bolt team… Very bad service… No response… My device is defective… No response in order to replace it… Feels like I have wasted my money

Please replace my device or refund my money

To solve this problem…
Off the WiFi connection which was given to the bolt device.Then reconnect it through the android bolt app.Now the problem will be fixed.


As per our discussion over call, the issue was laptop specific and upon using a different laptop the device was listed on the cloud dashboard.

Do revert back if you want us to fix it on your laptop via screen sharing session.