Not able to writing api_key in ubuntu server using vm virtual box

I am getting a problem in writing a code in Ubuntu server using virtual machine. When I am writing my bolt api_key in virtual box it’s showing syntax error. And also when I am facing a problem in putting the api_key in ("") inverted comma, means it’s not showing inverted comma for, example:- api_key = “1234f-1739g” this is the correct way I am trying to writing. But instead of inverted comma it’s showing like api_key= 1234f-1739g. Due to that issues is causing and error is showing.Whenever i am trying to writing the code its showing error in syntax message. Please help me in this.

Hi @mishrasaurabhvns123

Could you share a screenshot of the error?

this is the screenshot of error which I am getting everytime after running the code.

this is the code I have written

Hi @phaniraghavendra661,

What happens when you add the " comma before and after the API key?
Can you clarify why you removed the " commas from the api_key declaration?

If you have not understood this already, the course expects you to write your api key in the following manner.


sir, see the screenshot now, i have written in the same way but still i am getting an error.

this error i am getting everytime

Hi @mishrasaurabhvns123,

Looks like you have a keyboard configurations issue, which replaces the " with some other symbol when you type it out.

Use the steps given in the following link to fix the keyboard issue.

Do tell us if this fixed the issue for you or not.

sir, can you tell me what command i have to write to fix the issue or what to do. I am not getting any thing from the link you have given. whenever i am writing " it is replaced by other symbol. Is there any command through which i will able to write " symbol. I am looking forward to you for getting help.

Hi @mishrasaurabhvns123,

Run this command, and then follow the instructions.

sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

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Thankyou so much sir, now my problem is solved. Thanks again sir.

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