Not abled to connect mobile hotspot

Hi , I bimistake skipped the connection of wifi module with mobile hotspot will it be issue later and if want to connect now how can i connect as my wifi module has properly connected with wifi network

hey there. As of now i have been using it connecting it to the wifi only and it is working very well. i think you can go ahead. As long as the wifi is in range the device is working quite nicely.

Ok Thank you for your response if someday needed to connect on mobile hotspot i hope their wil be some solution

Hi @ggaurav955
If you want to connect your Bolt wifi module to your mobile hotspot you can go to bolt app in your phone and tap on add device. In the wifi connectivity section enter your mobile hotspot username and password.(If you are already connected to the internet then turn off that wifi first.)

Hey @joemonjohnson17 ,
Thanks for the response