Not connecting to any network connectivity

I tried to connect the bolt module to a wifi network,which is my home wifi connection.When i give all the informations (SSID/Network name,password) also my previous network connection was on a mobile hotspot. When i stopped using the Hotspot i disconnect the mobile hotspot network from the bolt cloud when the device was online in cloud. After disconnecting it i tried to connect my home wifi, but the application says that NO INTERNET you need to be connected to internet.I have searched if there is any network issue i didn’t find any issues.After that i again tried to connect back on my mobile hotspot (here i changed my sim from BSNL to airtel) again now it is not connecting my Mobile hotspot again.

Hoping a reply soon.

Now when i reinstalled the app and connected to the network the problem get solved

hi all,
The issue on connecting to my home wifi still exist.Hope someone will rectify my problem.


@nidhin1996 I have faced the same issue and it sometimes occurs cause of slow internet speed but i suggest you to reconfigure your device and it will start working properly just click add new device in your boltiot app in your android device and reconfigure your device.

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Greetings @nidhin1996,
As said try reconfiguring the device by add device option in app and also check if your WiFi Router works at 2.4GHz. Bolt does not support 5GHz at the moment… also make sure your phone has proper internet connection sometimes weak network might cause these kind of issues.
go through this tutorial from 1:40 once again -
this must help you reslove the issue with your home wifi.
i hope it helps.

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While connecting the bolt for the first time yesterday , I successfully connected my phone with bolt hotspot but while connecting to my Wi-Fi hotspot it couldn’t find my home Wi-Fi despite typing the details . So I closed the app and started again, but from that time when ever I am connecting the bolt through USB both blue and green LED are becoming stable although it is neither connected to my phone nor my Wi-Fi.
Please help.

If your mobile hotspot has worked for you in the past, restarting your computer could solve the issue