Not connecting to any wifi network

It been a week i purchased this bolt iot device it is not connecting to any wifi network no green light…

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@gokarpodey1727 You will need to power on the Bolt module using a Micro USB cable.
After this, the Blue light will be blinking slowly and you can then proceed to do the setup via the Boltiot mobile app.

I know this one… I already done so many times… It is not connect to wifi network

@gokarpodey1727 Can you please send a screenshot of the error that you are facing?

I am also having the same problem

@gokarpodey1727 Is the Bolt device powered on? What is the status of the LEDs on the Bolt device?

its power is on but it is not connecting to the phone

It connects to phone but not after then the option of Wi-Fi connection which is not connected… That s the problem…

It show only blue light

when the WiFi is on its showing the bolt device connectivity but when i am going to connect it ask for password

I m trying to connect with this network… Not connecting

@gokarpodey1727 Are you trying to connect to Rose_Hall? You will not be able to connect to it as it is an open network and the bolt cannot connect to open networks.

yeah. same problem here,too

@vanirudhsharma Can you please elaborate the error that you are facing? Is the same issue which gokarpodey was facing?

This shows up when I open the app
On clicking the bolt device, I get this


And then, if I try to add a device, I get this…

im facing the same problem as vanirudhsharma.
"the same problem- the device showing a picture with a bottle half sunk having a nozzle.
saying Device is not linked to a product.

Are you still facing the problem? If not, then please check this:

The bolt module is not being recognised by any phone. I have spent 20 days learning and doing nothing.