Not connecting to bolt wifi

hi,i am unable to connect my phone wifi to bolt wifi .its always showing as authentication error occured .how to connect to it

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Hi @shivaramreddydonda20,

Can you share more details on the problem you are facing. Was the bolt device connected to some other wifi before?

Screenshots of the error page would be helpful. Also let us know the LED statuses on the Bolt while you try to connect it to the wifi via the app.

Hi @shivaramreddydonda20,

Please do the following steps to connect the Bolt wifi module with the bolt cloud.

Step-1: Open the BoltIot app.
Step-2: Turn on the BoltIot module.
Step-3: Click on the add device button in the BoltIot app.
Step-4: At first blue LED on Bolt blink slowly.
Step-5: Click on ready to start detecting the bolt wifi module.
Step-6: When Bolt wifi module is detected turn off mobile data to connect the app with the module.
Step-7: Then click on continue and connect to a wifi of 2.4GH (not 5GH).
Step-8: When the Bolt wifi module is connected to the wifi then the blue light becomes stable.
Step-9: When the device is connected to the Bolt Cloud the green LED turns on.
Step-10: Finally click on the Done button and you can see your device online.

If after doing these steps it shows error then check your gps of phone is on or off.In settings search gps or location access to find it. If it is on then restart it and if it is off then turn on it.
You can try it with another smart phone or pc.
If problem is not solved then share the screenshot of your error.