Not connecting to hotspot

Bolt wifi module is not connecting to hotspot

Firstly check the strength of the hotspot, if its good. Check the hotspot settings and modify if any problems are coming up. Check if its only acting that way to hotspot or also to a wifi network.if it is the module might be faulty and may need to be returned and exchanged.

Hi! I had faced the similar issue, however after restarting my phone, it was resolved. Either there is a problem with your internet connection or the wifi module has some issue. Try putting your phone on flight mode, or restart it. See if the issue is resolved or not. If it still prevails, try using some other network connection. Check your wifi module thoroughly, if you can notice any external damage or not. If none of these work, then your last resort will be to try using a new module.

Hi there,

The first time when the bolt module is powered , it works as a hotspot , to which the mobile that we use to configure the module gets connected. Through that we enter the credentials of wifi network that we want our bolt module to be connected. Once we do that the bolt module restarts and connects to the network whose details that we enter.

All mobile phone do not have the feature to connect to a wifi network and act as a hotspot simultaneously. Here your device has hotspot turned on so that might be the issue your are facing

You may consider trying out

  1. Use another device to configure the module
  2. Restart your mobile phone and the bolt module.
  3. Reconfigure the portable Hotspot , like changing password and name
  4. Make sure you use portable hotspot of 2.4 GHz band as 5 GHz band is not supported by bolt module.
  5. Uninstall and install the bolt app in your mobile phone.