Not connecting to wifi

my bolt wifi module was earlier propely connected to the cloud and wifi,but when i ran the device restart program in python, my device restarted but now it is unable to connect to wifi.
also i tried to add the device again yet it could not connect to the wifi router.

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please check your wifi connection,restart the bolt kit and reconnection with wifi

The same problem happened with me just now.The bolt wifi module is not connecting to the wifi after running the device restart python program on PuTTY

I still could not connect it to my wifi, so i used the mobile hotspot for connction. i would reccomendyou the same.

Dear @rohan.tapulli
make sure that wifi connection is good , and also it must connected with internet, and install the bolt app and connect the wifi module with the phone and make sure that the password you have entered id currect , if once fails try one more time , when you found the green light on the module, then confirm that it works successfully.

its not working and not connecting to any wifi your app is worst it has nothing to disconnect from current network