Not connecting with mobile

There is problem created in that bolt model.
Automatically the password is generated on that bolt model Bolt3848865
Due to that i am not able to connect my mobile with it.

Kindly check if you’re connecting to a personal hotspot of your own.

@yashchuri53 Try the password bolt1234

First of all remove all the connections made by you for the bolt iot module.
Next connect the USB to the WiFi module and turn on the supply.
Next check if the WiFi led is blinking or not
Now open the bolt iot mobile app and click to sign in
Next click on add device . It will ask for your location and hotspot permission… Grant those permission and move to next .
Now it will configure your WiFi hotspot and will allow you to set your id n password. (Make sure your net is not on).
After configuration it will lead u to connecting the WiFi module directly by turning on hotspot and your WiFi led on the module will become stable .
That means your module is connected to your mobile.
Now turn on your internet and then similarly cloud led will glow on.
Since both led’s are on it means your bolt WiFi module is connected to cloud as well as your mobile.
This might solve your doubt.