Not displaying device details on the dashboard

I am in a little trouble. Please help me out.
I successfully added the BOLT device to my account using the android app BOLT. But when I open my BOLT id on on my laptop with the same login credentials that I used while registering on my smartphone, it doesn’t show the BOLT device details on the dashboard of my account. What should I do?

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Hey @vishwasbansal0 ,
Please read the instructions carefully which is mentioned in the course curriculum.

After connecting to your bolt device through the android app following all the instructions carefully, you need to connect it to a Wi-Fi network of 2.4ghz…and then the blue and green LEDs on the bolt device will give a constant light… And now it is all set.

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hello @vishwasbansal0 click on product and add one there in the product you are able to saw your device’s status and all. Give it a try and let me know about it…It’ll definitely gonna work I hopr

@Pritam Thank you for helping me out. I did try adding a product and indeed it did show the device status. I was a little worried that it doesn’t show the device details in the devices section. Now my problem is sorted since I changed my web browser. Earlier, I was using Microsoft’s Edge and I was facing the problem. But when I switched to Google Chrome, the problem no longer persists. It shows the device details in the device section as well.

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good for you @vishwasbansal0…best of luck