Not download python 3.6.5

I have install Ubuntu according to Bolt Iot video , but when i write any numerical digit in ubuntu linux, it’s doesn’t work and when i try to install python 3, the number “3” cannot be written in the linux
what should i do now?

In this photo you can notice that the symbol [.] is shown after python where i written in place of 3
means 3 is being shown “.” this symbol (3=[.])

Hi @chaudharysuyashsriva

Can you share the video while typing so that it will be more helpful.

hello @phaniraghavendra661
thanks for replying

let’s me give you an example
when i write
print (2+2)
the numerical digit 2 is not shown in the command box

and one last thing, how i can share a video

Make sure the keyboard layout is correct. It is most likely an issue in typing

Hi @chaudharysuyashsriva

Well, I want to know are you using virtual machine or putty software. If you are using putty then its easy to type everything, copy paste anything in Putty software. Once check your keyboard keys whether it’s working or not.

You can upload video in your drive and attach link here and allow access to view it. It’s simple.

Hope you get it, if not I’ll be helping you further.

Thank you :blush::blush: